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CJ Jones Is An Award Winning Syndicated Radio Personality, Recording Artist, Voice Over Professional, and Go-Go Music Historian.

CJ Voice Maestro

 Voiceovers For Radio, Television, Internet, Animation, and Film

“The right voice helps to bolster ratings and sets the tone of the station for listeners. Most importantly, during those times when new personalities are introduced, there is no better way to introduce them than to hear it coming from a familiar branded voice.” 
If there’s a television or radio in the immediate vicinity, chances are CJ Jones voice is emanating from it. Dubbed “the most powerful recognizable voice in Gospel & Urban R&B radio”, this voice-over veteran has lent his vocal talents to national radio and TV networks with radio stations in major markets.  

Check out some of my features for your listening pleasure. Drop me an email   or call me @ 844-CJ ON AIR (844-256-6247) to invite me to “Host” any your upcoming events!