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Go-Go Music. The conga drum-inflected Black popular music associated with the funk that originated in Washington, D.C.

This widely popular music was the platform to deliver the celebrated recording artist CJ Jones to the entertainment industry. As one of the founding fathers of the Go-Go movement, he has won musical awards, charted on musical boards, hosted TV shows, traveled internationally, appeared in movies, and mentioned in books. Most notably, CJ’s Uptown Crew and Redds & The Boys are his musical legacies. He was also popular as the tour guide through Washington D.C.’s Go-Go history scenes in The BBC: Welcome to the Go-Go and then thirty years later reenacted the same driving tour in the 2014 release of The Legend Of Cool Disco Dan. His intimate knowledge of the movement and his personality as the thread of this fabric, fellow artists as well as his former manager and a political administrator, Charles C. Stephenson Jr., titled CJ, a Go-Go Music Historian.

A writer, arranger, producer, bandleader, and camera personality, CJ Jones was a highly sought-after artist. He worked side by side with many other industry greats like Chuck Brown, Verdine White, Sugar Bear, Experience Unlimited (EU), and the list goes on.

Satisfaction Guaranteed was the song that CJ felt was recorded before it’s time. Released in early 1990, this grown and sexy Go-Go/R&B single had all of the elements to be a billboard smash hit. It had great lyrics, a slick hook, a bang’n funky horn arrangement, and a hard, but well produced Go-Go percussion drive that will keep you doing the happy feet dance. This classic featured notable musicians and Go-Go legends like the late Go-Go icon Little Benny on vocals, JuJu House (Doing Da Butt) on drums, and legendary horn arranger Tom Tom 88 (Earth Wind & Fire) who added more grit and power. Also, the opportunity to collaborate with Mike Scott (Prince) on lead guitar became the perfect formula for CJ to not only showcase his funky flute and Go-Go sax solos but to showcase his lead vocals beside Sylver Logan Sharp (Chic), famous for her elegant vocal styles.

Most of the members of CJ’s Uptown Crew moved on to achieve great music accomplishments and to perform with some the most celebrated artists in the industry like Prince, Justin Timberlake, Chic, The Whispers, Patti LaBelle, Miles Davis, Johnny Gill, Grace Jones, and the Dells. CJ’s Uptown Crew-Satisfaction Guaranteed

Redds & The Boys – Movin’ and Groovin’

Big Brother CJ on vocals – CALVARY

Big Brother CJ on vocals – Credible Witness

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